Natural Fertility Management FAQ

Kathy Houghton is an Accredited Fertility Educator ( and teaches Natural Fertility Management to three main “categories” of women:

1. Those wanting to conceive or become pregnant. In a NZ fertility Clinic, well over half of women surveyed had NO understanding of their fertility or optimum timing for chances of conception.
2. Those wanting to avoid a pregnancy. ie. Contraception
3. Women who are breastfeeding and wanting to avoid pregnancy.

In a “one on one” setting, Kathy teaches the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), a modern, highly effective and scientifically validated form of Natural Fertility Management. As a form of contraception STM is at least 98% effective – the same as the mini pill. The STM uses the body’s indicators of temperature and cervical mucus along with specific “rules” to show you when you are fertile so you can either avoid your “fertile window” (contraception) or use it! (conception). STM is usually taught over 3 sessions. For those wanting to conceive, Kathy can also work with you and your partner as a Naturopath using Herbs, Diet, Supplements and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to improve fertility outcomes depending on your specific situation (PCOS, short Luteal phase, low sperm motility etc).

How long is an appointment? Do I need a follow up appointment?
The initial appointment is one hour, with two half hour follow up appointments. These three appointments are usually spaced one month apart, so your personal fertility information can be collected and analysed.

Do I have to bring my partner?
It is not essential, but it is useful to bring your partner. If you are wanting to conceive, research now shows that male and female have a 50/50 input into the health of your child, therefore diet and supplements etc can be prescribed to you both. If you are looking at contraception, it is great to both be involved in learning the Sympto-Thermal Method.

Natural Fertility Management