The Journey

The Journey

The Journey, created by Brandon Bays, is a powerful guided visualisation process that can clear out emotional patterns by uncovering, accessing and clearing out stored cellular memories.

Underpinning the healing power of The Journey is the connection we all have between our emotions, minds and bodies. Your repressed emotions – including repressed traumas – can therefore have a negative impact on your health (see the work of Candice Pert for a scientific explanation of this). By releasing and letting go of your repressed emotions and traumas during your Journey process you open to healing.

The Journey work is very liberating for many people and is suitable for all ages, inclusive of children. It can help you with a very wide variety of issues, including grief, anger, fear, the emotional patterns underpinning addictions, abuse, depression, low self-esteem, unworthiness and eating disorders, relationship difficulties, and simply a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction with your life. The emptying out of any unexpressed feelings and emotions, can help lead you to the point of compassion and forgiveness of a situation, people involved and yourself.

Once stored emotions are released, healing begins deep within the cells and is often experienced as freedom, peace, joy or love. The Journey process is suitable for anyone who has the courage to look inside, is willing to surrender to his/her own deeper knowing to clear what has been restrictive and to, finally, allow themselves to flourish and awaken to the harmonious flow of life.

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