Hannah Petley

Hannah Petley

Hannah offers you:
AromaTouch™ Technique
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Phone: 027 5457290
Email: believeinyourbliss.
Website: www.beinghealth.co.nz

Hannah Petley experienced traditional Japanese reflexology while living in Japan for two  years. This experience had a profound effect on her well being and was the catalyst that inspired the change in her professional life from teacher to health practitioner.

Understanding the physical body began with a year’s study of Anatomy and Physiology, followed by formal training in the Diploma of Reflexology NZQA and ITEC the international equivalent. Hannah is also certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, the Dr Vodder method as studied under Hans Lutters to Advanced Level II, and has a special interest in lymphatic conditions.

Hannah is also a Usui method Reiki practitioner having been initiated into Level I and Level II, and is certified in the AromaTouch™ Technique, a clinical approach to essential oil application. Essential oils are widely used for their physical health benefits, and Hannah is a spirited advocate for their usage in our daily lives and can help you understand the scope of their therapeutic capabilities.

An intuitive and compassionate practitioner Hannah works alongside you as a facilitator to stimulate your body’s own innate healing intelligence to restore core equilibrium and to create heart, mind, body and soul awareness.

An enthusiastic lymphaciser instructor, Hannah assists individuals with private one-on-one sessions, tailoring a program whether it be condition based, or exercise based for weight issues. She takes small groups for detoxifying lymphatic sessions.