Naturopathy is a way of treating illness, which uses the profound natural healing forces present in the human body, in conjunction with Natural Therapies, to help restore balance, health and well-being. A wide range of health issues and health complaints can be treated by a Naturopath. Whether you just want to improve your general health or want to address specific health concerns, any condition to some degree can benefit from a Naturopathic approach.

  • Stressed or just not feeling as resilient as you would like to?
  • Gut issues – bloating, pain, irregular?
  • Wishing to have a good clean out and detox?
  • Love to lose some weight and keep it off?
  • Hormones getting the better of you?
  • Want to age healthily and be well in your later years?
  • Pregnant and wanting to look after yourself?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Food intolerances and allergies?

What happens at a consultation?
We look in depth at your general health and any specific complaints you have come with. I use Bio-Energetic Screening (a type of ‘electronic muscle testing’) to quickly get to the root cause of health issues. We may also use screening tests such as a zinc taste test, iodine patch test, questionnaires, or tests through Medlab if necessary. You will receive a Treatment Homeopathic tailored to your specific needs and if necessary a treatment plan which may include dietary advice, herbal treatments, vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathics, bach flowers, bodywork and lifestyle recommendations. This is all in a ‘user friendly’ form, one that you can achieve and still have fun in your life!

How long is an appointment?
An initial appointment lasts 1 hour 15 minutes, with follow up appointments 45 minutes.

Will I require follow up?
Follow up will vary depending on your case. Generally 2-4 sessions are recommended.


Kathy Houghton