Bio Energetic Screening

Bio Energetic Screening

Bio-energetic screening utilizes the latest science and digital technology to scan the body and deliver a comprehensive picture of your current energetic health status, including areas where the body is depleted, out of balance and weak.

The system can run tens of thousands of tests in just minutes, allowing us to uncover complex and often hidden aspects of your situation. Based on the results, a Homeopathic remedy is prescribed to bring the body back into balance.

Bio-energetic screening is backed by 40 years of research and delivers life changing results for many people. The process is simple, accurate and comprehensive.

What does a session involve?
An Asyra Bio-energetic screening session involves sitting comfortably at a desk while holding 2 brass cylinders. Most people don’t feel anything, but occasionally some may experience a mild tingling sensation. An initial consultation is 1hour 15 minutes and includes an extensive review of your symptoms and health concerns. This is followed by the Bio-energetic screening and then a personalised Homeopathic remedy is made for you. Follow up visits are usually 45 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?
Most people feel improvement after one session. Generally 2-4 sessions are recommended.

Through a sensitive and disciplined approach, eliminating blockages and overcoming fears as you are guided gently to a new and more rewarding future.


Kathy Houghton